Great Sound Made with Simple Details

Inside brio the technology is sustained by the mastery of the personnel.

In combination with the most advanced product technologies, indeed, a highly qualified team constructs and controls every component of our products. The arrivals on the market are programmed in the shortest possible time and all the products technologically “high end” are rigorously projected, ideated, and finalized in Taiwan. In the Pro-Audio Department every circuit boards, capsules, drivers and more are constructed with astonishing attention to detail, to ensure the maximum results.

The property and know-how of the exclusive technology implied in the brio products, therefore, allows brio to gain enormous advantage in the development of sound equipment, today more inclined towards digital technology.

Evolution in Technology, Revolution in Sound

Brio invests in a continuous process of innovation for guaranteeing the best possible sound. We are one of the few producers in the world that project and completely realize speakers, amplifiers, microphones and karaoke mixers. Highly qualified engineers in the acoustic, electronic and mechanic departments work close together for offering innovative projects with the maximum control in every detail.

Simulation software is utilized for simulating and understanding the behavior of the microphones, amplifiers, speakers and their dynamic performance. brio’s talent engineering team has dedicated on developing and our great experience in audio combined with the best software development, allows us of integrating to perfection all the ingredients for projecting and constructing our products.

Thanks to the constant attention for innovation, guaranteed by a team of sound engineers, the company proposes a varied catalogue of products that makes the brand brio the protagonist of the Made in Taiwan in the Audio/Video sector everywhere in the world.

A Product for Every Application

The sound is a wide and complex subject same as its applications. From the big rock concert to a sound system for a big international airport, from a theatre play to a conference in a government building, every location needs a specific sound. Brio produces and realizes products and systems for satisfying every possible need in the sound, taking into account its great experience and the constant innovation for always guaranteeing the appropriate sound and with the highest quality.

Jianqian Technology is a professional audio equipment design and manufacturer; brio is the company’s international brand in the global market, brio is Italian, the original text is full of vitality, lively and powerful, and derived joyous meaning, and Jianqian Technology focuses on ProAudio audio Product R & D and manufacturing, in addition to product professionalism, should bring customers lively and joyous pleasures to echo each other.

Jianqian Technology has long been committed to the research and development of audio and acoustics. At the same time, the professional team has integrated digital technology and software technology into the core of the product. The company adheres to the consistent concept of innovation and quality. Through the perfect adherence to the products, we hope that every consumer can have a satisfactory experience for brio brand products!