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BabyMike WT20

BabyMike WT20

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Digitalized 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Microphone Set

Whether you’re doing live presentations for product launches, lectures, or shooting your own marketing videos, this no-fuss Brio wireless solution is just the tech you need for crystal clear, reliable audio. Introducing BabyMike, a mini wireless microphone set using the digitalized 2.4GHz band. This mini wireless microphone boasts a non-compression signal, high quality audio and stable reception.

  • Digital 2.4GHz Band

  • Plug-n-Play

  • Auto Pairing

  • Non-Compression Clear Sound

  • High Reliability

  • Lightweight

  • Built-in Lithium battery

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Revolutionary Design

Revolutionary Design

An attractive design houses the receiving microphone jack, transmitter and LED indicators, affording users premium comfort and superior mobility. A lightweight, skin-tone, headset mic delivers a barely-there feel, which can be worn comfortably all day. A versatile clip allows the user to deploy BabyMike in a variety of scenarios. Suspend it above a church choir, use it in theatrical productions or mic up an auctioneer; BabyMike has multiple applications with flawless performance.

BabyMike WT20

Hi-RES music with Exceptional Sound

The highly sensitive, omnidirectional microphone headset allows you to efficiently reach the ears of thousands with your voice. The robust, high-performing WT20 transmitter guarantees you’ll be clearly audible to students at the back of the class, fans high up in the cheap seats, or voters still on the fence.

An exclusive filtering feature dramatically reduces unwanted noise, giving your audience high fidelity sound that’s free from distortion or feedback. Furthermore, BabyMike’s 1/8″ jack allows you to connect to a third party recording-grade, condenser microphone, further expanding the reach of your performance. That is sound that can’t be beat!

The carefully considered design of this wireless microphone makes it purpose-built for unrestricted movement. Whether you’re instructing a dynamic Pilates class, pacing the stage with an energetic presentation or thrilling audiences at a concern hall, the WT20 give you the freedom of movement to express yourself. A compact travelling case ensures that with BabyMike, you’ll be just as mobile off-stage as you are on it.

So the Brio BabyMike system is impressive so far, but how does it cope in an environment with a host of competing signals that would normally cause interference, for example, at music festivals, concerts and fairs?

Let’s face it, in scenarios heavily populated with 2.4GHz devices, your basic third party wireless system would struggle in a sea of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G smartphone signals. That’s where Brio’s leading-edge tech innovations come in. Signal modulation and channel partition, combined with frequency-hopping technology eliminates annoying interference from 2.4GHz sources. Consequently, as many as ten BabyMike transmitters can be used in the same venue without any disruptions. 

The W200a stands head and shoulders above competitors in its microphone frequency response, thanks to its cutting-edge frequency-hopping technology. Unlike fixed frequency devices like VHF, UHF or most of 2.4GHz microphones that require manual frequency channel adjustment to combat interference, BabyMike’s brilliant, adaptive frequency-hopping technology automatically locks on to clean frequencies without the need for endless fiddling.

Designed for ease of use, the Brio BabyMike transmitter is manufactured with a continuous volume control potentiometer; that’s just a technical way of saying the volume of this mini wireless mic can be easily adjusted on the system itself. That volume control, coupled with high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range, makes BabyMike as versatile as its users. Whether you’re doing a musical performance or officiating an art auction, the flexibility of this system puts it right at home in any environment.

Battery Life That Keeps On Giving

Whether you’re delivering back-to-back presentations in cities across the country, or numerous performances on different stages in one day, the rechargeable Li-polymer battery, included in both the BabyMike transmitter and receiver, give you enough juice to keep going for up to ten hours.


W200A1B W200A2B W200A1E W200A2E
Transmitter BabyMike WT20 x1 BabyMike WT20 x2 BabyMike WT20 x1 BabyMike WT20 x2
Receiver WR20B WR20B WR20E WR20E
AME106 Microphone Headset 1 2 1 2
Power Adapter DC5V1A Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB Cable Yes Yes Yes Yes
User Guide Yes Yes Yes Yes
Traveling Case Yes Yes Yes Yes



  • Frequency Band  

    • 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz
  • Modulation and Data Rate   

    • Shaped 8FSK, 5M bps
  • Sensitivity

    • +35dBm至 – 83 dBm
  • Output Power

    • +15dBm
  • Latency 

    • 16ms
  • Audio Frequency Response

    • 60Hz to 15KHz

Transmitter WT20

A/D Converter
Microphone Input Jack

  • Input Jack     

    • 192K/24-bit Conversions
  • Input Impedance

    • Ø1/8”(3.5mm) 2.2KΩ

Power input & Battery

  • Power Input  

    • DC 5V500mA
  • Built-in Battery

    • Li-Polymer Battery 750mAh 3.7V 12 Hours of Playing Time
  • Dimensions & Weight

    • 74 x 41 x 23 mm,
    • 2.9 x 1.6 x 9.1 inch
    • 35g, 1.23oz