Wall-Mountable Receiver WR20E

Connection with Ease

Connection with Ease

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Wireless Microphone

Receiver WR20E

Connection with Ease

From a theater stage to an exhibition center, from a tour bus to the school classroom, this wall-mountable receiver is able to connect into any amplifier system without additional setting adjustments required.

Dual Channels Receiving

The WR20E receiver can process signals from two microphones simultaneously. You can pair either two WT10 handheld professional StageMikes, or two WT20 Lapel/Lavaliere BybyMikes, or one each of WT10 and WT20 microphones with the WR20E receiver. That flexibility gives the wireless system the edge over other wireless mics.

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Expansive Range

The WR20E includes a long range antenna. The receiving range extends to 30M (100ft) under line of sight codition.

Unlimited Mobility

Unlimited Mobility

The refined design of the WR20 makes this microphone receiver lightweight and suited for movement. Whether you find yourself lecturing in front of scholars, instructing a Pilates class, or performing at a concert hall, the W200 System will neither constrain nor hinder your performance.

Plug and Play Technology

Never has sounding good been so easy. Simply switch on your power and plug WR20E receiver into your axe of choice and your amplifier, mixer, pedal, or DSLR and turn on your StageMike/BabyMike to make speech or to sing karaoke. That’s it basically!

Customized Performance

So no matter your mission, perhaps a TED conference or a political rally, the W200’s ground breaking engineering and compact design give you the freedom of movement and the confidence of dependable performance to let you shine in any arena.

Universal Free License Band

All brio W200 systems function on a license-free 2.4GHz band. Our proprietary algorithms and exclusive signal modulation technology carries up to 5Mbps of data. This is vastly superior to any other wireless transmitter on the market, producing the highest highs and sonorous lows for deeply textured, distortion-free notes.



  • Frequency 

    • Band 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz
  • Modulation and Data Rate 

    • Shaped 8FSK,up to 5M bps
  • Sensitivity   

    • +35dBm至 – 83 dBm
  • Output Power   

    • +15dBm
  • Latency 

    • 16ms
  • Audio Frequency Response   

    • 20Hz to 20KHz

Receiver WR20C

  • D/A Converter

    • 192KHz/24-bit Conversions
  • Range

    • 100FT (30M) Line-of-Sight, may vary due to local conditions
  • MIC Connecting

    • Receiving 2 Microphones Simultaneously
  • Output                        

    • Ø 1/4”(6.3mm) Jack
  • Output Level 

    • 2Vp-p

Receiver WR20C

  • Control  

    • Power ON/OFF, Pairing
  • Input Power 

    • DC5V2A, Universal Adapter 100-240VAC Input
  • Dimensions

    • 3.8 x 2.8 x 1.0 inch, 97 x 70 x 25 mm
  • Weight 

    • 7.3oz, 205g,